Preferred Vendors in iBuyNU

Below is the list of preferred vendors active in iBuyNU. The iBuyNU marketplace will continue to evolve as Purchasing Resource Services (PRS) establishes and revises contracts and agreements.

Current iBuyNU Vendors

Each vendor catalog below is shown as either hosted or punchout.

Hosted: A catalog established by PRS on behalf of a preferred vendor that is included in the iBuyNU Marketplace.

Punchout: For many vendors included in the iBuyNU Marketplace, PRS has decided that it is more advantageous to allow departments and schools to connect to the contractor’s actual web site catalog that has been configured specifically to NU’s contract (products available, pricing, etc.).


Books, CDs, DVDs

Complete Book and Media Supply punchout

Computers, Printers & Photo/Video

Apple punchout

B&H Photo punchout - photography and audio/video equipment and supplies

Dell punchout

Hewlett Packard Printers punchout

Lenovo (through CDW-G) punchout

Software House International (SHI) - software & licenses punchout

Technology Integration Group (TIG) - peripherals punchout


Facilities Management Supplies

Grainger – Tools, Hardware, Fasteners, Safety Supplies, HVAC Supplies, Lamps (GE) and Landscape Supplies punchout

Johnson Pipe and Supply – Plumbing Supplies hosted

North American – Janitorial supplies punchout

Steiner – Electrical, Belts and Lamps (Philips) punchout

Thybony – Paint and paint supplies hosted

Food and Beverage

Canteen Refreshment Services – Coffee Service and Supplies hosted

Laboratory Supplies


BD Biosciences

Cell Signaling



Fisher Scientific


New England Bio-labs


Roche Diagostics

Santa Cruz




EMD Millipore

Integrated DNA (IDT)

Life Technologies




VWR International

Office Furniture

Allsteel/Henricksen punchout

Haworth/Kayhan punchout

Steelcase/Office Concepts punchout

Office Supplies

Corporate Business Cards punchout

OfficeMax punchout

As of June 2011, Cardinal Cartridge is no longer able to support our toner program and we have removed their catalog from iBuyNU. Purchasing is currently working to acquire a new supplier. Until further notice, please visit the TIG or OfficeMax punchout via iBuyNU for all toner purchases.