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NUFinancials Upgrade 2013

The NUFinancials upgrade is live as of 8am December 16.

  • Shoppers' carts created in iBuyNU between 6pm on Tuesday, Dec. 10 and 8am on Monday, Dec. 16 can now be processed by Requesters.
  • Any NUFinancials documents in workflow on Dec. 10 were sent back and will need to be resubmitted.
    NUFinancials Transactions Sent Back .xls file
  • Warehouse-based Cognos BI NUFinancials reports reflect data as of 10:30pm on Dec. 15.



There are a number of improvements to Expenses, Requisitions/POs, Online Vouchers, Journals and more.

More Information

  • Info Exchanges: We worked with our colleagues in Financial Operations to present Info Exchanges with overview information about system changes, deadlines prior to system downtime, and procedure updates.

NUFinancials Upgrade Info Exchange Presentation pdf icon