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NUFinancials Upgrade 2013: Purchasing Changes

The NUFinancials upgrade is scheduled to go live on December 16. To prepare, NUFinancials will be UNAVAILABLE from 6pm on Dec. 10 until 8am on Dec. 16.

For general information about the upgrade please see: NUFinancials Upgrade 2013

Purchasing-related Changes


Match Exceptions: The match exception notification email to buyers will list all exceptions.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Change Requests


Receipts: Entering receipts is optional for Purchase Orders with a total amount below $500.


  • Cancel Requisition Line: You can cancel a requisition line from the Manage Requisitions page.

    cancel a requisition line



  • Line Comments: You can enter and pass Requisition line comments to iBuyNU suppliers that are enabled to receive line comments.
    Note: Not all iBuyNU Suppliers are able to receive line comments.

    line comments


  • Negative Dollar Amount: You can enter a Negative Dollar amount on a Requisition line for discounts and trade-ins. Not to be used for credits!

    negative dollar amt


  • Request Status: There are more 'Request Status' search options available on the manage requisitions page to help identify the status of a Requisition or PO.

    request status


  • Requisition Name: Requisition name has been added to the Approval Inbox

    requisition name


  • Zero Dollar Amount: You can enter a Zero Dollar amount on a Requisition line for free calatogs and promotional items.

    zero dollar amount



  • Vendor Name: NUFinancials can now retain a history of vendor name changes.
  • Vendor Search: You can search for a Vendor by Vendor Name on the requisition Add Items and Services page.

vendor name search