Beginning in mid-August 2016, FFRA website content will be moving to the Northwestern IT site's new section for Administrative Systems.

NUFinancials Post-Upgrade Notes

Following is a list of tips and reminders based on Help desk calls after our Dec. 16 go-live.

Please be sure to check the NUFinancials Status page.


Approver Emails/Approval Inbox

We'd like to remind approvers not to rely solely on email notifications, but to check the Approval Inbox on the NUPortal at least once a day.

Display Issue in Internet Explorer: Compatibility View

  • Some people are experiencing difficulty with University systems after upgrading to Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and 11.
  • We recommend using Firefox or Safari if you are seeing unusual behavior in Internet Explorer.
  • You may also use Compatibility View in Internet Explorer:
    • In Internet Explorer 10 (IE10), navigate to Tools > Compatibility View settings.
    • Type in the little window and click Add.
    • This website should now appear in the lower section.
  • When we have confirmation that our system vendors support IE10 and IE11 for our systems, we will publish it on an updated version of our Supported Browsers page.

Print Unauthorized POs

There is new navigation for printing unauthorized POs for your internal records.

Job Aid: Print Unauthorized PO pdf icon

Requisition Header Comments

To make sure that header comments are visible to the Approver:

  1. Enter comments in the Requisition Header Comments box.
  2. Check the Approval Justification box.
  3. Comments will be visible to Approvers on the Requisition Approval page.

This tip is shown on the Tips & Tricks page.



Training Materials Page Replaced

The Training Materials page has been replaced by Training Curriculum.

Transactions in Workflow Sent Back

Any NUFinancials transactions in workflow on Dec. 10 were sent back and will need to be resubmitted.

List of NUFinancials Transactions Sent Back.xls file



This page will be updated with new upgrade-related tips and reminders during our upgrade stabilization period in December 2013.