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NUFinancials Upgrade 2013: General Changes

The NUFinancials upgrade is scheduled to go live on December 16. To prepare, NUFinancials will be UNAVAILABLE from 6pm on Dec. 10 until 8am on Dec. 16.

For general information about the upgrade please see our main announcement page: NUFinancials Upgrade 2013

General Changes

  • Additional links to related transactions enable quicker access to detailed information.

  • Additional tracking allows for easier identification of who entered and updated transaction information.

  • Attachments
    All NUFinancials attachments will have the same size and type limitations:
    5MB per attachment/20MB per transaction
    Acceptable types: xls, xlsx, doc, docx, jpeg, jpg, pdf, tiff, tif, zip

  • Breadcrumbs display the navigation path and allow for easier navigation within menu groups:

    screenshot of breadcrumb

  • Chart strings will be validated when transactions are committed.

  • Favorites: A list of recently used pages is now available under the favorites menu:


  • Mouseover pop-ups provide context sensitive information:

    screenshot of mouseover popup
  • PC Business Unit will default to "NWUNV" so the submitter doesn't have to type/select it.

  • Scrollable Grids
    Some pages such as the Review & Submit page for requisitions contain grids for review and entry.
    • A scrolling option has been added within the grid to allow for movement to other fields, but freezing the remainder of the page and columns for reference
    • Sort data by column by clicking on the column header
    • Drag and drop columns for re-ordering and re-sizing

      scrollable grid

  • Workflow performance has been improved, which will resolve issues with large transactions becoming locked.