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NUFinancials Upgrade 2013: Accounts Payable Changes

For general information about the upgrade please see: NUFinancials Upgrade 2013

Accounts Payable-related Changes


Match Exceptions: The match exception notification email to requesters will list all exceptions.

Online Vouchers

  • Attachments: Online Voucher entry page will display all rows of attachments instead of defaulting to show one at a time.

  • Invoice Lines: Online Voucher entry page will display all invoice lines instead of defaulting to show one at a time.

  • Notifications: The denial notification email has been modified to provide more information to the submitter about their options and next steps.

    denial notification email

  • Search: The advanced vendor lookup search can display up to 100 rows (instead of 6).

  • Voucher Type: Voucher type will no longer default to Direct Payment Request. To ensure accuracy, the submitter will choose DPR, VTE, or CSF.


Receipts: Entering receipts is optional for Purchase Orders with a total amount below $500.


Regular Vouchers

  • Related Documents: There is a new Related Documents tab within the Regular AP Voucher pages with a direct link to related Payments, POs, Vendors, etc.

    related documents


Vendor Name: NUFinancials can now retain a history of vendor name changes.