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NUFinancials Upgrade 2013: Accounting Changes

The NUFinancials upgrade is scheduled to go live on December 16. To prepare, NUFinancials will be UNAVAILABLE from 6pm on Dec. 10 until 8am on Dec. 16.

For general information about the upgrade please see: NUFinancials Upgrade 2013

Accounting-related Changes

Cash Receipt Tickets (CRT)

Validation: Chart strings will be validated when transactions are committed.


  • Approval: Accounting Services approval is now applied via Workflow to all journal types at the header level.

  • Attachments: Users of all Actuals Journals are now able to attach supporting documentation to the journal. File formats allowed are DOC, DOCX, JPEG, JPG, PDF, TIFF, TIF, XLS, XLSX, and ZIP.

  • Portal Journals: A new agency type journal will be used for both new and correcting transactions to agency chart strings. This new journal type replaces the use of COR and ISJ journals for agency chart strings.

Recharge Centers

  • GL008 Drill Down: There will be new drill down capability available for recharge center detail on the GL008.
  • Source: All recharge center journals will now use a single source (RCG) with journal masks indicating origin.