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Tuition Expense Encumbrances are Now Reflected in NUFinancials and Cognos BI

Tuition expense commitments are large expenses, like salary, that can significantly impact the overall financial position of a chart string. Historically, these commitments have been tracked by department administrators and needed to be added in when reviewing any financial reports.

  • As of Fiscal Year 2015, tuition expense commitments that have been entered as awards in SES now appear as encumbrances throughout NUFinancials and NUFinancials reports in Cognos BI. 
  • These encumbrances, like encumbrances for Purchase Orders and Travel Authorizations, allow anyone using reports or online inquiry pages (like Budget Overview or Budget Detail) to see a more comprehensive view of outstanding commitments.


Changes to Cognos BI GL008
The Revenue and Expense Activity Report (GL008) now differentiates Payroll Encumbrances, Tuition Encumbrances, and Other Encumbrances.


Additional Detail Drills

Tuition Encumbrance Details

  • Detailed information breaking out the encumbrance by student is available by clicking the “Various Transactions” drill link. 
  • Like salary information, this detail view is available for users with appropriate security. 
  • Initial access has been granted to users designated by their departments. 
  • Additional security requests may be submitted using the FFRA Express Access Form, requesting Tuition Access under the Cognos Report Access section (write in, if necessary).

Other Encumbrance Details

Detailed information regarding encumbrance adjustments are also now available via the Transaction I drill link




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