Beginning in mid-August 2016, FFRA website content will be moving to the Northwestern IT site's new section for Administrative Systems.

New Training Pages are Here!

FFRA training PDFs have now been replaced with new, easier-to-use web pages! All old PDFs will be deleted on October 1st. This means that any links to those old PDFs will break.

Action required

  • Please update any bookmarks you have to individual training PDFs, or link instead to the FFRA Training Curriculum page.
  • Departmental website links to specific FFRA training documents will also need to be updated prior to Oct. 1.


  • Use the Northwestern Search to quickly find specific topics of interest in FFRA training
  • Jump to the information you need in the document using table of contents navigation
  • View materials without having to download or print them
  • Share direct links to training web pages with others
  • Pages are print-ready--print full guides or just specific steps using print preview (or save as PDF if desired)
  • No need to have PDFs taking up space on your hard drive
  • Tips for printing and searching available on every document
  • Certain specialized documents have remained in PDF form for better presentation. These items will not break on Oct. 1.

New Training Format Example

Screenshot of new training format page view


See also: FFRA Training Curriculum page


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