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NUFinancials Reassign Workflow Enhancements

The NU Workflow Reassignment page has been enhanced to include more processes and increased functionality.

The interface looks very similar, but now has better visual cues that something has actually occurred. Now, once a line is reassigned, it is no longer visible for reassignment. Also, there are no more duplicate rows returned when searching.

Processes for which workflow can now be reassigned:

  • Purchase Order Change Requests
  • Actuals Journals
  • Expense Report
  • Travel Auths
  • Requisitions
  • Online Vouchers

Reassignment takes place on a per-transaction/per-step basis. For example, if a Level 3 approver wants to approve a transaction that needs two levels of approval, they would reassign workflow to themselves (sort of like "grabbing the transaction") from the Level 1 approver. They can then approve the transaction at Level 1.

reassign workflow screen


If they want to fully approve the transaction, they would then need to reassign the transaction from the Level 2 approvers and then approve it a second time.


reassign workflow 2


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