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NUFinancials Upgrade is Live

Thank you for your patience!

  • NUFinancials and NUPortal financial portlets are now available.
  • Real-time Cognos BI reports on NUFinancials data are now available.
  • Cognos BI data warehouse-based reports will reflect NUFinancials data as of 11pm on Sunday, May 17 until 8am on Tuesday, 5/19.
  • iBuyNU carts may now be processed.


As a result of this upgrade, you will see a number of changes in NUFinancials:

  • Greater browser support for a consistent user experience across different browser platforms. This means that "Compatibility View" is no longer needed in Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11.
  • New type-ahead feature: When a user begins typing in certain fields, a list of suggested values will appear.
  • When using Query Manager, users will be able to display more than 65,000 rows in Excel results.

Known Issues

There are two issues we are working to resolve:

  • Invoices: Initially, users will not be able to view invoices from the Regular Voucher and the Voucher Document Status pages. We are working with OnBase to correct this issue. Invoice copies can be requested from Accounts Payable at (847) 491-7339.
  • Workflow Approval Routing display appears out of alignment. This is purely an appearance issue, not related to functionality.

Other Issues and Workarounds


If you are experiencing difficulty accessing NUFinancials after the upgrade, please:


  1. If you are using Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11, remove "" from compatibility view and uncheck the boxes (image may vary by version):

    compatibility view settings screen in IE

    HOWEVER: Cognos BI reports require Compatibility View to be enabled in IE 11. We suggest using Firefox for Cognos BI reports.

  2. If you get an authorization error, close the browser window and try the same link again.
  3. Try a different browser.
  4. Clear your browser cache.
  5. Log in to NUFinancials directly via the System Login box on the NUPortal or at BEFORE clicking on a specific task, such as Online Voucher Entry or Create a New Expense Report.
  6. If you are still unable to access NUFinancials, please contact the IT Support Center: 847-491-4357 (1-HELP), option 2 or

Some of the issues people are seeing include authorization errors and getting "stuck" on a screen when accessing iBuyNU as a Requester.
We will publish more information as it becomes available.


For technical assistance, contact the NUIT Support Center at 847-491-4357, option 2 (1-HELP) or email