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Purchase Order Change Requests

The new PO Change Request process is live as of Monday, February 17.

There is new functionality in NUFinancials for Purchase Order (PO) change requests.

  • PO Change Requests are now created, submitted, approved, and tracked within NUFinancials.
  • PO Changes that require approvals can be routed through the same workflow routing that is applied to Requisitions.
  • Once a PO Change Request is fully approved, the changes will be applied directly to the PO.

Putting the PO Change Request process into NUFinancials allows for a number of new features and options:

  • You now have the ability to request changes, edit saved changes before submitting, and review completed PO change requests.
  • For each request, you can document the reason for the change and/or close the PO if desired.
  • You can also view the current version side-by-side with the new version as you enter the changes (see below).
  • Finally, each PO change request is given a unique identifier beginning with the letters "POC."

Example of the side-by-side view:

PO Change side-by-side view