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Purchase Order Change Request Updates as of June 2014

We have updated the online Purchase Order (PO) Change Request process implemented in February 2014.

For more information about the online PO Change Request process, see Purchase Order Change Requests



As of June 2014, PO Change Requests now:

  • Include ChartField1
  • Require FUND, DEPTID and ACCOUNT before they can be saved or submitted


The Document Lifecycle Search page link is now available from the PO Change Order Request Center

  • From here, you can search by PO Change ID or PO ID to review changes made to POs via the PO Change process
  • Note that if the PO is in a Pending Canceled, Canceled, or Complete status, you will see a series of error messages before you can click on the Document Life Cycle link if you access the completed PO Change Order Request from the Review Processed PO Change Order Requests Inquiry Console

PO Change Document Lifecycle link screenshot