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New InfoEd PD Project Summary Tab

As of May 10, 2013, the following changes will be made to InfoEd Proposal Development:

  1. For NIH proposals, the project summary will be uploaded as a document (Word, PDF, etc.) on the existing Project Summary tab. Currently, users are required to copy and paste the summary as text.
  2. A new tab called NU Project Summary will be added to all proposals.
    • For NIH proposals, copy and paste the text from the uploaded project summary document into the section on this tab.
    • For all other proposals, enter a description of the project.
      • This text is for internal use only. It will not be sent to the sponsor.
      • The first 4000 characters will be sent to FASIS for use by FCOI and NU Scholars.
  3. The old Project Summary tab on the NU Non-S2S Template will be replaced with the new NU Project Summary tab.
  4. The new NU Project Summary tab should be populated for all proposals. OSR will review to ensure that it has been completed.
  5. Non-S2S and NIH proposals already in progress when the change takes effect will have the previously entered text already prepopulated on the new NU Project Summary tab.

An excerpt from the job aid, showing the new NU Project Summary Tab:

screenshot of new NU Project Summary tab

Why was this change made?

Previously, project summaries were required to be entered as text into the InfoEd Project Summary tab so that the information could be sent to FASIS for use by FCOI and NU Scholars. An uploaded document could not be interfaced between the systems and would prevent searches on the data contained in the documents.

However, since implementing the above requirement, we have found that copying and pasting text that met NIH standards in a PDF or Word doc did not always meet NIH standards when assembled into a PDF by InfoEd. Also, any formatting contained in the original document needed to be recreated using HTML tags. This is not practical for those creating proposals.


  • The new NU Project Summary tab will allow uploading of the project summary in its original form for NIH proposals.
  • The text entered on the new tab will not require formatting and should not add any additional time to proposal creation.
  • It should also save time as HTML formatting is not needed.
  • The new NU Project Summary tab will now be on all proposals, which will provide a more complete picture of research for use by FCOI and NU Scholars, and for Dean's Offices interested in mining information on active research topics in their schools.

If you have questions about this change, please contact a member of the InfoEd implementation team.

Training Materials

Job Aid: Project Summary

Relevant training materials have been updated and are available at:

FMS502 InfoEd Proposal Development Training

Proposal Development Demos


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