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NUPlans is the project to implement specialized planning software which will ultimately replace the current Excel-based annual budget preparation process. NUPlans is a web-based tool built on a Cognos TM1 platform that will provide for better planning and analysis of budget data as well as security and workflow options.

The current project will pilot NUPlans with the Feinberg School of Medicine for FY2013 budget preparation, and will be released to Feinberg end users in April 2012. The full implementation of NUPlans for the rest of the University will be during the FY2014 budget preparation.

Features in NUPlans include:

  • Detailed employee salary budgeting, including budgeting for new employees
  • Fund budgeting combining revenue and expense chart strings in the same view
  • Detailed account level budgeting of designated, endowment and gift chart strings
  • Budgeting of the use or buildup of carry forward balances
  • Budgeting of grant expenses and the resulting ICR (for the budget year only; these budgets do not impact the normal multi-year grants
    budgeting process.)
  • Role-based security for access to salary and grants data
  • Department and project level security for chart strings
  • Built-in workflow for budget review and approval


nuplans screenshot


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