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My Wallet in NUFinancials for Procurement Cards

New Streamlined Reconciliation Process


Procurement Card users will now reconcile transactions in NUFinancials instead of PaymentNet.

Key Changes

  • No need to log into PaymentNet to enter chart string information or review/approve transactions
  • Procurement Card transactions will be processed in NUFinancials by creating an Expense Report from receipts in My Wallet
  • Charges will be loaded automatically to fill in an expense report with all values except chart string and business purpose
  • Card holders will receive email notification when transactions are ready for processing
  • Procurement Card transactions in My Wallet will follow the Expense Report workflow process to supervisor
  • Although an Expense Report is being created, no payment is issued to user; process is used to streamline accounting and workflow
  • Paper receipts will be scanned and attached to the Expense Report - no need to keep them after the Expense Report is approved

Access to My Wallet Receipts

Employees who use a Procurement Card should already have access to Expense Reports in NUFinancials. Please see the Training section below for more information about using Expense Reports.


Updated Training Materials: Employee Expense Reimbursement - Electronic Approvals - My Wallet section


Recorded Webinar

My Wallet Procurement Card Reconciliation Webinar Play (29 min)

December Information Exchanges

Information Exchanges were held in early December on both campuses.

My Wallet Info Exchange Presentation pdf icon


Finding My Wallet in NUFinancials


screenshot of expense report dropdown menu



View of Transactions Automatically Loaded into My Wallet


screenshot of transactions loaded into My Wallet