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InfoEd Update: Inactivating Subaward Periods


You can now inactivate subaward periods without causing a submission error.

In February, NIH released new guidance about marking subawards as inactive for detailed budgets. Since that time, we have advised users to perform a manual workaround rather than marking subawards inactive.


As of Oct. 28, 2015, InfoEd has corrected this issue.


To inactivate subaward periods:

  1. In the SubAwards section of the Budget tab, click the green triangle in the upper right corner of the period you want to inactivate:

    Green triangle

  2. In the Add To popup, uncheck the box for any periods you want to inactivate. You can also use this pop-up to re-activate individual periods later.

  3. Click Save.

Note:  Do not enter any dollars or effort on the inactive years of the subaward. When you build the proposal, InfoEd will automatically add 0.1 calendar person months effort to the Subaward PI for the inactive years to comply with NIH’s validations:

Calendar Months heading



FMS502 InfoEd Proposal Development - Budget Preparation: Inactivate Subaward Periods


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