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InfoEd Proposal-Protocol Matching


FFRA has launched a new page in InfoEd that will allow InfoEd proposal records to be associated with related protocol records in the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC) systems.

The purpose of this new InfoEd page is to maintain a record of the linkages between sponsored research and corresponding IRB and ACUC protocols.


  • Since IRB and ACUC protocols are not always established at the time proposal applications are developed and submitted in InfoEd, the association of proposal and protocol records will initially and primarily be performed relative to already-awarded and active projects by the Conflict of Interest Office (NUCOI) for IRB protocols and by the Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM) for ACUC protocols.
  • Research staff and faculty are not required to use this new page; although, if protocol information is known at the time of proposal development, faculty and research staff can perform the proposal to protocol association in InfoEd via the Approvals tab.
  • Once a proposal has been submitted by Northwestern to a sponsor, the hyperlink to the InfoEd matching page will not be available for those outside the NUCOI and CCM offices.
  • This linkage of information paves the way to provide the ability for advanced research reporting and eventually can be shared across multiple research systems.


Protocol Search Page

protocol search page


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