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InfoEd Ad hoc Reporting Update

The addition of InfoEd Award Set-up Workflow has brought increased visibility into the award set-up process. Along with that visibility, there are now new options for adhoc reporting.

InfoEd Adhoc Updates

To ensure accurate reporting, please update any saved reports or queries that use proposal status in InfoEd adhoc to include or exclude the new proposal statuses. A mapping of previous statuses to current statuses is below:

Mapping of Previous to Current InfoEd Statuses
Previous InfoEd Status (through 10/9/15) Current InfoEd Status (since 10/9/15)
Awarded Award Under OSR Review
Award Under OSR-Ev GO Review
(only applicable in OSR-Evanston)
Award Waiting Department
Award Pending COI Determination

Award Ready for QA
Subproject Award Setup
Awarded QA Check Complete Awarded QA Check Complete
Post Award Updates
Pre-Spending Requested
Pre-Spending Under OSR-Ev GO Review
(only applicable in OSR-Evanston)

Pre-Spending Setup Complete

Canned Reports

Existing InfoEd canned reports have been updated to handle the new statuses; all reports previously filtered on each of the statuses listed in the lefthand column above were expanded to include the new set of corresponding statuses listed in the righthand column.

New Statuses

Note that two of the new statuses are only used in OSR-Evanston:

  • Award Under OSR-Ev GO Review
  • Pre-Spending Under OSR-Ev GO Review


Other New Statuses

  • The Subproject Award Setup status is used on subproject records when the associated main award record is being processed in workflow.
  • The Post Award Updates status is used to allow OSR to edit awards that have already been set up, such as when budgets are adjusted for outgoing subcontracts.

    For more information about Award Set-up Workflow features, please visit the OSR website: InfoEd Award Set-up Workflow Goes Live


Ad hoc reporting: FMS103: Cognos Query Studio

InfoEd: FFRA Grants Training Curriculum


For assistance, contact the IT Support Center: 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) option 2 or email