Beginning in mid-August 2016, FFRA website content will be moving to the Northwestern IT site's new section for Administrative Systems.


Viewing iBuyNU Item Descriptions

Requesters and Approvers now have multiple options to view item descriptions

Cognos Ad Hoc Express Now Available!

We've developed an ad hoc starter version with GL008 data to give query authors a head start

NUPlans for the Feinberg School of Medicine

Information about the project to pilot specialized planning software for the annual budget preparation process

Fiscal Year End Close Information

Details about preparation you can do and important dates for the FY11-FY12 transition

Online Voucher Enhancements

In response to your requests, we've updated the Online Voucher

NUFinancials Lifecycle Viewer

A new way to track purchases visually through the system.

Pending Travel Authorizations to be Closed

Beginning on May 1, 2011, travel authorizations in a Pending status will be subject to closure after 30 days.

New iBuyNU Login

Coming soon: a new look for the Shopper login screen

Report Performance Suggestions

Tips to get quicker results when running Cognos reports.

Advanced iBuyNU Workshops

Coming in April to Evanston and Chicago.

Ad Hoc Changes

As of March 2011, the default view has changed.

GM045 Enhancements

Beginning in mid- to late April, you'll see a number of changes to the GM045.

NEW: Reports by Accounting Period

In April 2011 you'll be able to run and schedule reports by "current" or "previous" accounting period.

NEW: Reports by NetID

In April 2011 you'll be able to run reports by NetID (some prep work required).

Cognos Ad Hoc Transaction Detail

The new Ledger KK Detail star is now available.

Three New iBuyNU Vendors

We've added Clontech, Rainin, and Santa Cruz, all laboratory suppliers, to the iBuyNU Marketplace

New Budget Reports

Two new NUFinancials Cognos reports are now available: the GL009 - Expense/Revenue Budget and GL010- Operating Budget Report. 

Changes to Apple Punchout in iBuyNU

Security updates made by Apple have resulted in minor changes in iBuyNU.

Change to Summary-level Reports

We have made a change to revert two summary-level reports back to their original, intended level of detail.

PO Tolerance Change

In response to user concerns, we implemented a change to the Amount Only Purchase Order (PO) tolerance level on May 14, 2010.

Cognos Upgrade is live

The Northwestern University BI Tool, the application behind Cafe's Cognos Reports, has a new look and feel thanks to an upgrade. See our list of changes and issues.

Online Voucher is LIVE!

As of Monday, March 8th, the Online Voucher is available from the NUPortal Staff tab.

Email Outage and System-generated emails

When there is a University email outage, certain automated messages don't get delivered (even after email service is restored). You can find the information in NUFinancials instead.

New Asset Management Tool

Cafe will be rolling out a new Asset Management tool in NUFinancials in March.

SC025-Vendor Info Query-Expanded Search

We have a new, improved report to replace the SC014-Vendor Info Query, which will was retired on 12/31/09.

iBuyNU Preferred Vendors

Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) has finalized contracts with 26 preferred vendors, with more on the way.

Expenses Send-back and Deletion

Beginning on January 1, 2010, expense reports will be subject to automated send-back and deletion.

FY09-10 Department Tree Changes

Summary of changes from the FY09 tree to the FY10 tree

FY09-10 Encumbrance/Pre-encumbrance Issue

See an explanation of the issue's resolution

InfoEd Gateway to Retire

As of December 1, 2009, the InfoEd Gateway page is no longer available.

FY09 Encumbrances/Pre-encumbrances

List of chart strings with remaining encumbrances

Updated Home Page Archive

The home page news archive now includes items from December 2007 - April 2009

InfoEd Proposal Tracking Upgrade and Downtime

Proposal Tracking will have a new look and feel on Oct. 19.

Fiscal Year End: Expenses Clean-up, round 2

Please be sure to submit all “pending” Expense Reports from July 1-31 by September 18, 2009. Please also note the 9/28 final deadline for any remaining pending FY09 Expense Reports.

Fiscal Year End: Expenses Clean-up

Please be sure to submit all “pending” Expense Reports and all appropriate documentation from before July 1st by August 21, 2009.

2008 Home Page Archive

All home page news items from December 2007 through December 2008

Non-Catalog Invoice Processing Reminders

Notes from Financial Operations

Monthly Close Changes

We have made some slight revisions to the procedures that will be used to close each accounting period.

Important Change to Cognos InfoEd Reports

Over the weekend of January 30, 2009 we will be making enhancements to the InfoEd Reports in Cognos.
• These changes will affect users that have copied InfoEd reports to My Folders.
• These users will need to delete the old versions and copy the NEW versions of the InfoEd reports to My Folders.
• Please do this before accessing the reports for the first time on/after Monday, February 2.

For step-by-step instructions, see our full announcement.

Key Dates for CUFS/Cafe Conversion

Our colleagues in Financial Management Systems have distributed a detailed list of closing and conversion dates. We continue to make excellent progress toward our December launch and are pleased to be able to share this information with you.

See Key Dates

See Data to be Converted

Open Lab Sessions Set for Go-live

Do you feel some opening night jitters about the new system? Never fear, Project Cafe will be opening the training rooms during select hours after go-live to assist you with your new procedures.

There's no registration required. Stop by with tasks and assignments to get some assistance from a Cafe staff member.

Because training will still be going on, the labs will be available on a set schedule consisting of half-days (full days for the first week) from Dec. 8 until Jan. 15.

Visit the Open Lab Schedule

New Go-live Date: December 2008

As announced by the Enterprise Systems Executive Committee (ESEC), Project Cafe will not launch the new financial system in September. Instead, the transition will take place in early December. In the meantime, the University will continue to use CUFS.
See our full announcement.

If you are enrolled in training, please see our Training Cancellation announcement.

Consider Training Demonstrations

In order to accommodate the large number of people who will require training, we have created two types of training sessions: hands-on and demonstration (demo).
See our full announcement.

Proposal Development Status Update

The Enterprise Systems Executive Committee (ESEC), after considering input from Project Cafe and our business owners in the Office for Sponsored Research, has decided to modify the scope and delay the timing of the InfoEd Proposal Development rollout.
See our full announcement.

Project Cafe Leadership Transition

Jason Schober will assume the role of Project Director in September. See our full announcement.

InfoEd Proposal Tracking and SPIN are Live

Northwestern University and Project Cafe announce the launch of the first two modules of InfoEd, Northwestern's new software system for managing sponsored research. Proposal Tracking and SPIN are now available for use. For details about access as well as benefits to central, departments, faculty, and staff, see our full announcement.

Recalibration of Administrative Systems Projects

Per a memorandum from the Enterprise Systems Executive Committee, Project Cafe will be taking on additional responsibilities related to financial reporting beginning in mid-June. For more details see our full announcement.