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InfoEd Upgrade 2015


InfoEd v14 is Now Live


New features available include:

  1. New Budget Model – Easier data entry and one click tab completion (see image below for a sneak preview)
  2. Progressive Text Searches – No more picking the starting letter and then scrolling through a list
  3. Budget Category Bulk Entry – Enter up to 5 budget categories at once
  4. Budget Tab Navigation – access budget tabs in any order
  5. S2S Budget Preview – Now located on the budget tab as well as the finalize tab
  6. Simplified Subcontract F&A Entry – Enter data for all periods on same page instead of each period individually
  7. New Look and Feel – Budget and Personnel tabs have been redesigned


New Budget Model


new budget model screenshot




Training guides will be updated in September to reflect these changes. Please see the Grants Training Curriculum.


Join us for a one-hour webinar highlighting InfoEd's new features.


To participate, please click the link below at 3pm on Sept. 17:

Join InfoEd Upgrade Webinar
Webinar room will be empty until 15 minutes prior to scheduled session

If you are unable to attend any of the live sessions, you may wish to view the recording:

Recorded Webinar: InfoEd v14 Upgrade 2015

Known Issues

Known issues in the upgraded version that were not present in the previous version are posted to the InfoEd Status Page.




For assistance, contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) option 2 or email