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New GM045 Enhancements

A new version of the GM045 - Sponsored Project Budget Statement will be available the week of May 9, 2011.


  • New column for expenses that are budget-checked but not yet posted to the General Ledger

    • Certain types of transactions are budget-checked and appear on the current GM045 in “Expense” columns B, C, and D, even prior to their approval and payment. This contrasts with purchase order amounts, which only appear in the “Expense” columns after Accounts Payable issues payments to our vendors.

    • These transactions, which may include journals, expense reports, and online vouchers, will be removed from the expense columns and listed in a separate column (F) until they are paid and posted to the General Ledger.

    • F&A will be calculated for these transactions.

    • The expenditure columns will only display transactions that are posted to the General Ledger. The source for these columns will be the Actuals Ledger, rather than the Commitment Control Expense Ledger.

  • Drill to GL008

    • The GM045 provides summary level budget and expense data. The GL008 provides transaction detail for a specific fiscal year and accounting period. The drill will open the GL008 for the same period for which the GM045 was run.

  • GCFA name (ASRSP Grant Administrator)

  • Budget Line attributes

    • Will show whether a given budget line is closed (no additional spending on that account), or restricted to the budgeted amount (the default is to allow spending greater than the budgeted amount).

    • This information was previously available only within NUFinancials (Commitment Control > Define Control Budgets > Budget Attributes) - not displayed on any reports.

  • Restricted Budget Amounts removed from Direct Cost Subtotal

    • The current GM045 includes restricted budget amounts in the Direct Cost sub-total line.

    • Separating these amounts gives users a more immediate view of the direct cost balance available for expenditure.

  • Cash Received updates

    • Projects that display Cash in the header will now display payments received and applied to the Award as of the period for which the report is run. Currently, inception to date cash is displayed, regardless of the period for which the report is run.

    • Additionally, for Clinical Trial Awards, a new field in the report header will display a calculation of Cash less Expense and Encumbrances.


Find the GM045 in Cognos from the Staff tab of the NUPortal:


NUPortal > Staff tab > Login to Cognos > Project Cafe Reports > School > Sponsored Projects


We recorded a webinar in May 2011 when the changes were introduced:


Contact our Help desk: or 1-HELP (1-4357), option 2.