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Cognos Ad Hoc Reporting:
New Express Queries

To assist ad hoc report authors to more quickly develop Query Studio reports, we have created Ad Hoc Express, a GL008 Query Studio prototype in the NUFin Ad hoc environment. 
If you are an ad hoc Query Author looking for data included in the GL008, you can copy these Query Studio reports and use them either ‘as-is’ or modify them to fit your needs by adding or deleting data elements into these reports, without having to look around for the correct table/field in the ad hoc list. 

If you are an ad hoc Query Runner you can either use the "vanilla" version of the reports without modifying them OR view reports created from them by Query Authors.

  • There are two versions of the prototype – one that sorts by Detail (displaying all chart strings), and one that sorts at the Summary level (by account only).
  • Both reports have some pre-built prompts. Feel free to add more filters or delete them as per your requirements.

How to use this tool 

Query Authors

Those with the Query Author role can edit the provided version as follows:

  1. Log into Cognos reporting and follow this navigation:  Public Folders > PS_EPM_ADHOC > 1. Scratch > Ad Hoc Express Queries 
  2. Select the desired Query Studio report and click on the ‘copy’ icon. 
  3. Next, navigate to your own “Scratch” folder or your ‘My Folder,’ click on the ‘Paste’ button and edit away!

authors view


Query Runners

Those who are authorized to run ad hoc reports are free to use the "vanilla" version of the Express Query ad hoc report (school users have Row-level Security access tied to their NetIDs and will see a subset of data under their respective schools).

  1. Log into Cognos reporting and follow this navigation: Public Folders > Project_Cafe_Reports > NUFin Ad Hoc Reports > Ad Hoc Express Queries and run the report.
  2. You will be prompted to enter a Fiscal Year & Accounting Period and will need to select Level 3 (School Node).

runners view



If you would like to have access to either run or create ad hoc reports in Cognos, please select the appropriate role (Ad Hoc Query Runner or Ad Hoc Query Author) on the Cafe Systems General Security Access Form PDF icon.


Please contact our Help desk: or 1-HELP (4357), option 2.