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NUFinancials Upgrade 2013: Expenses Changes

The NUFinancials upgrade brings exciting changes for Expense Reports.

Electronic Attachments

  • Those submitting expense reports will have the ability to electronically attach supporting documents, such as receipts, exception forms, etc., at the header level of the Expense Report
  • Approvers will be able to attach documents to Expense Reports while the transaction is in workflow
    • For example, a level 1 approver could attach a completed 90-exception form to an expense report without sending back the transaction

Improved Visual Workflow

  • You'll be able to see more information about where an expense report is in the approval process.
  • Names of the relevant approvers will be available, similar to Requisitions and Online Vouchers.

Expenses workflow

Additional Expenses Changes

  • Expense Report searching has been improved
  • You can now insert lines at any location on an expense report
  • Revenue accounts are no longer allowed in Expense Reports
  • Travel Authorizations using multiple chart strings are now routed to all appropriate approvers
  • Approvers are limited to approving or denying all expense report lines as a whole




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