Beginning in mid-August 2016, FFRA website content will be moving to the Northwestern IT site's new section for Administrative Systems.

IT Administrative Systems Email Options

You can now select which types of informational emails you receive about IT administrative systems at Northwestern.


  • The FFRA Core User listserv has been replaced by the Core Financial Systems Users mailing list (details below).
  • Informational emails will be sent via a combination of targeted messages and opt-in mailing lists.
  • This means you will have to subscribe to continue to receive messages such as the Administrative Systems Digest and monthly Reports are Ready messages - Subscribe now.

Targeted Messages

You will still receive certain types of emails based on your roles and usage of the systems:

  • For new projects where a more specialized function, report, or process is added or changed
  • When there will be a change to a process only for certain system functions or roles (not a widespread change)
  • If there is an issue with a specific system process or report (for example, people who have run a certain financial report over the past 6 months)

Subscription-based Mailing Lists

  • Initially, Administrative Systems messages will focus on the financial management systems: NUFinancials, FAMIS, iBuyNU, InfoEd, NUPlans, and Cognos BI financial reporting. Soon, we'll include information about more systems.
  • For an idea of what we've sent recently, see our Message Archive.
  • We plan to include news from other Administrative Systems as content becomes available.
  • Additional specialized listservs will continue to be available for InfoEd Proposal Development, NUPlans, FAMIS, and CATracks.
  • Core Financial Systems Users (As needed)

    This list will be pre-populated with a subset of former Core User listserv members based on their system roles; others may opt-in.

    System downtime (scheduled and unscheduled)

    Broad system issues affecting a large population

    Administrative Systems News Digests (Monthly)

    New and upcoming projects

    New training opportunities

    New reports and other resources

    Administrative Systems Tips (Monthly)

    Shortcuts and reminders for using administrative systems more efficiently--submit your own favorites to!

    Financial Reports Notification (Monthly)

    Confirmation that reports have run to completion after monthly close (typically sent on the fifth business day of the new month)

    Administrative Systems User Panel (As needed)

    You also have the option of signing up for our user panel, an opportunity to help influence decisions we make about the systems.
    More about the Administrative Systems User Panel


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