iBuyNU Computer Supplier Update

CDWG will replace TIG and HP in November. Please approve all pending and new iBuyNU requisitions for TIG and HP by 6pm on Friday, October 31.

iBuyNU Catalog Updates

October 21, 2014

InfoEd Proposal-Protocol Matching

New InfoEd page will maintain a record of the links between sponsored research and corresponding IRB and ACUC protocols.

InfoEd Proposal-Protocol Matching Details

September 22, 2014

Tuition Expense Encumbrances in NUFinancials

Tuition expense commitments entered in SES now appear as encumbrances in NUFinancials and Cognos BI.

Tuition Encumbrances Details

September 22, 2014

New Income Statement Report

  • The new GL077–Income Statement Report is now live
  • The new report depicts revenues and expenses in an income statement format for purposes of school/unit financial management.

GL077 Announcement

September 15, 2014

NUFinancials Downtime 8/29-9/1

Fiscal Year End (FYE) 2014 processing begins this weekend.

About FY14 Year End Close

August 29, 2014

View Invoices in NUFinancials

Now you can view scanned vendor invoices in NUFinancials.

Viewing Invoices in NUFin

July 31, 2014

New iBuyNU Login

As of Monday, July 14, Shoppers no longer need to log into iBuyNU once they're in the NUPortal.

New iBuyNU Login Details

July 8, 2014

Cognos BI Report Folder Renaming

Coming the week of June 16, the "Project Cafe Reports" folder in Cognos BI will be renamed to reflect its content of Finance, Facilities, and Research Administration system reports. 

Reporting Resources

June 10, 2014

PO Change Request: New Requirements

Purchase Order Change Requests now include new required fields and ChartField1

PO Change Request Updates

June 5, 2014

Canteen Refreshment Services in iBuyNU

New Preferred Vendor for coffee service and supplies

Preferred Vendor list

May 19, 2014

B&H Photo in iBuyNU

New Preferred Vendor for photo and audio/video equipment and supplies

Preferred Vendor list

May 14, 2014

NUFinancials Weekend Downtime May 16-19

Maintenance begins at 9pm Friday, May 16

Downtime Details

May 7, 2014

Cafe Team Transition Begins May 1

As announced by VPIT/CIO Sean Reynolds, the group currently known as Project Cafe will become part of a new Administrative Systems team within NUIT.

Transition Details

April 30, 2014

NUPlans Forecasting is Live

Available year-round, NUPlans Forecasting is now live.

  • Support for multi-level forecasting at the account, chart string, and/or all funds levels
  • Monthly data imports
  • Additional modules support grant, salary, and tuition forecasting

NUPlans Details

March 26, 2014

NUFinancials Requisition Attachments Require Comments

To help address related issues since the NUFinancials upgrade, as of February 27, 2014, line comments will be required whenever an attachment is added to a Non-Catalog or Catalog Requisition line (this includes iBuyNU orders).

Requisition Comments Details

February 26, 2014

Reassign Workflow Upgrade is Live

The NU Workflow Reassignment page has been enhanced to include more processes and increased functionality.
The interface now has better visual cues and no longer returns extra lines.

Reassign Workflow Enhancements

February 25, 2014

New Cognos BI Sponsored Research Report

  • The new GM091 - Sponsor Payments Received report presents details of payments received by Award/Contract, with a breakout by Project.
  • Payment activity includes all forms of payments as well as a subset of write-offs and other maintenance items.

Find the GM091 at:

Project Cafe Reports > School or Central > Sponsored Programs Management > GM091 - Sponsor Payments Received

Reporting Resources

February 21, 2014

New PO Change Request Process is Live!

Purchase Order change requests now occur in NUFinancials with a number of new features.

PO Change Request Details

February 17, 2014

PO Change Request Webinars

Join us for live webinars detailing the changes to the PO Change Request process on Feb. 12 and Feb. 19!

Webinar Information

February 10, 2014

Purchase Order Change Request Process Update

Beginning in mid-February, the process for requesting changes to a PO will will take place in NUFinancials.

PO Change Request Update

January 30, 2014

NUFinancials Upgrade is Live!

  • Shoppers' carts created in iBuyNU between 6pm on Tuesday, Dec. 10 and 8am on Monday, Dec. 16 can now be processed by Requesters.
  • Any NUFinancials documents in workflow on Dec. 10 were sent back and will need to be resubmitted.
  • Warehouse-based Cognos BI NUFinancials reports reflect data as of 10:30pm on Dec. 15.

Upgrade Details

December 16, 2013

New Training Curriculum Page!

The new Training Curriculum page replaces Training Materials as your go-to source for training guides, job aids, online classes, and course registration links.


December 9, 2013

System Status

System Updated Status
NUFinancials 2/27/15, 3:20p
iBuyNU 03/25/15, 9:50a
Cognos BI 2/19/15, 4:00p
FAMIS 8/11/14, 2:40p
InfoEd PD 7/31/14, 1:30p
NUPlans 7/31/14, 1:30p

Security Access

Getting Started
Determine your security access and training needs

Security Forms and Workflow Setup
Resources for completing security forms

Contact: Financial Operations IT
Security processing group


Getting Started
Determine your security access and training needs

Training Sequence
List of intro to advanced courses

Training materials, job aids, registration, and online courses

How to Enroll
Register for, change, or drop a class

Open Labs
Work with the support of FFRA systems training staff


Tips & Tricks
Hints for using the FFRA systems

System-related terms and definitions

Supported Browsers
Browser/operating system combinations

FFRA system team members

Financial Management Systems Gateway
Login links to FFRA applications

847-491-HELP (option 2)


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